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When I was writing the first update for an early fundraising blog I included an acknowledgement at the end - I realized it needed to outlast the campaign and deserved greater prominence and permanence on the site, so here it is slightly editorialized! I am the author of most of the content on this site - the errors are all mine. But the success belongs to the team.

I've used a lot of 'I' on this website, and I'll admit that the idea, research, and work in the earliest stages was performed by myself. But no large effort is achieved by individuals alone. My dear wife Penny has had to put up with a house full of servers and many nights when I was up to all hours fiddling with my erector set robot. My Son Will has had to put up with his old man sometimes working instead of fishing. My first investor Martin Cooper was the first who 'got it' and who fronted me the hardware $$ during a time that I didn't have the wherewithal to build the first system, he is directly responsible for the first "that's strange" moment that became FrANN™. The FnnTEK founding team, Dick Dunnivan, Rich Schott, Geoff Cauble, and Ned Franks, whose provision of wisdom, time, effort, money, and contacts bought us enough early time to relieve me of the necessity of a day job so I could actually do the research that turned our lab curiosity into to a practical cognitive AI, it couldn't have happened without you folks. Lastly, my 'guys' - Mike McDargh, who has set me straight when my programming has gone astray and has sped up our code so much that its useful and not a lab trick, and Mick Hart who brings years of experience, math ability that greatly exceeds my own, and a practicality of approach that I've valued since our oh so long ago days at Bellsouth in the mid 90s. While they 'work' for me they are at the very least my peers - in truth their ability to realize software far exceeds my own. I've always wondered why you would hire someone that is not better than you are? These guys are better than I am. The ongoing effort will be successful based on their efforts and despite my own contributions.

Thank you all.


William Sadler, CEO, FnnTEK.