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nnTEK is actively seeking partners in development of applications utilizing our FrANN™ technology.

Who is a likely partner candidate? By way of example, FnnTEK is pursuing relationships in the following industries. If your problem falls anywhere near these or you can see where the ability to have a generally intelligent cognitive computing system would benefit your industry, please contact us!

  • Autonomous Information Security
  • Financial Services Industry
  • Autonomous Robotics
  • Data Mining for Obvious and Un-obvious Relationships
  • Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles
  • Assistive Technologies

The mathematics of strong emergence state that it is not possible to reverse engineer a strongly emergent system to reveal the rules used to create that system. This fact is central to our business model as we can hold the network growth techniques as a trade secret and still allow our partners to pursue various intellectual property ownership positions with regards to their delivered network.

The first step is an NDA. Drop us a line and we will get it to you quickly! Contact us at:info@fnntek.com

Our Partners

MACE Fusion Center

Sierra Nevada Corporation

MACE (Multi-Agency Collaboration Environment) and Sierra Nevada Corporation - Yannis™ partners and prime contractor for our DHS customer

National Security Agency

National Security Agency - PISA sponsor and potential customer