When a system is under active development we will add it to our products list. While our basic philosophy is to create the technology and allow partners to bring that technology to market, we do realize that products making extraordinary claims need to have extraordinary proof of functionality - the best way to prove capability is to show it! Our current design software has been under active development since 2010 - we are currently at the stage where we are comfortable releasing a few prototype products directly to the market. Yannis™ will be the first.

Current TEK

  • Yannis™ - Autonomous network security appliance that can detect anomalous traffic, make a determination if the anomaly is benign or malicious and act to maintain the integrity of the network and its data
  • DifMan™ - A digital funds manager directly derived from our original work for the NSA seeking obvious and non-obvious relationships from structured and unstructured sources
  • AiInspect™ - An autonomous aerial drone for oil and natural gas pipeline inspections. The drone will operate autonomously to detect issues and serve as a sensor platform for human operators.
  • FrANNie™ - Autonomous robotic assistant. From our earliest work that demonstrated emergent cognition, we have always wanted to give control of a robot to a general purpose FrANN™ - FrANNie™ will be that general purpose robot

Proposed TEK

The following are problem areas which FnnTEK has proposed since our inception. Several have come to fruition as working projects some as far as productization. The places where a genuinely cognitive computer are useful are too numerous to mention. So we'll only look at what we considered to be low hanging fruit for FrANN™ to tackle.

  • Self Driving Vehicle - utilizing stock vehicles (Air or Land)
  • Cognitive Assistive Technology
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Augmented Reality Assistive Technology
  • Autonomous Vehicle Operation
  • Autonomous Data Mining
  • Polygraph Operator