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FrANN™ Hardware

Two of our AiTEK™ products are sufficiently mature to be productized: Yannis™ and FrANNie™. Additional information about these products can be found on their individual product pages. Both of them have 'Production FrANN™' hardware at their core, with the primary difference in price being the robotic systems (movement, grasping, visual, auditory, speech) in FrANNie™. The base hardware consists of:

  • Dual 12 core Intel Xenon Processors
  • 768GB PC3-1866MHZ Memory
  • 8TB Storage, 2 simultaneous failures, raid 6
  • 24 400GB !@Gb/s SSD
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (trusty)
  • 8 Nvidia Tesla K80 GPU (196GB GPU Memory)
  • Dual 10GB Ethernet

Additionally Yannis has:

  • Intel TruScale 40Gbps InfiniBand (2x QSPF)

And FrANNie has:

  • 802.11AC WiFi
  • Bluetooth

The cost of the hardware alone is right at $100,000 - each of these systems will come with perpetual individual software licenses for their function. While normal hardware is obsolete with a few years, because of the nature of an AI type system, we expect the useful product life for these systems to be much longer. All hardware components are COTS - we will warranty the computer systems for a three year period while the robotic components carry manufacturers warranties.