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actal Artificial Neural Network Intelligent Entity

FrANNie™ is a general purpose robotic AI designed to be a cognitive assistant - a simple AiRobot™ implementation. The system has movement and grasping capabilities as well as natural language command processing and speech. Think of a much more intelligent Sari™ on wheels, or J.A.R.V.I.S.' girlfriend!

Component Description
FrANN™ Hardware 2 12 core Xeon processors, 768GB memory, 8 Nvidia Tesla K80 GPU boards, 8TB SSD storage in Raid 6 w/ 2 stand by drives, 2 10GB ethernet, WiFi 802.11AC, Bluetooth
Movement AiMove™ - TBD - 4 wheeled or tracked vehicle capable of transporting 125#
Robotic Arms AiGrasp™ - 2 arms with multiple DOF - specific brand TBD
Visual Input AiSee™ - Stereo Vision System - dual 4k 60fps cameras
Audio Input AiHear™ - Stereo Audio Input, Dual Microphones
Audio Output AiSpeak™ - Monaural speaker for vocalization

Our initial FrANNie systems should be considered interesting prototypes.