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Artificially Intelligent TEK

AiTEK™ is the realization of a dream that began in antiquity ‐ the intelligent machine. Like Hephaestus’ rendering of Talos in Bronze, FnnTEK is rendering a Cognitive Computing System in Software with a goal of producing the first truly intelligent machines.

Created as a marriage between our Fractal Artificial Neural Network (FrANN™) technology and COTS hardware, AiTEK™ assemblies are the building blocks of our current autonomous products and form the springboard from which new applications are derived. The core elements below represent interfaces between different types of sensors and a FrANN™ to provide basic real world interface capabilities between the AI and the real world.

AiSee™ - visual based detection system

AiSee™ is a relatively low-resolution human visual range camera system that can provide high quality recognition capabilities. Faces, objects, language, handwriting, and visual signage interpretation are all recognizable items. At a more abstract level, it allows interfacing to other forms of 2d visual data.

AiSense™ - Self Organizing Map (SOM) based sensor system

AiSense™ is an adaptation of a traditional SOM as an anomaly detector. The parameterized SOM can be adapted to recognize normal versus abnormal patterns in data. This 'sense' of an anomaly is then used by FrANN™ to trigger appropriate responses.

AiHear™ - audio based detection system

AiHear™ is to sound what AiSee™ is to vision - an auditory (or 1d time series data sensor). AiHear can recognize naturally spoken words, significant sounds, and other auditory signals of significance, with inexpensive COTS microphones.

AiSpeak™ - non-phoneme speech synthesis

AiSpeak™ is a speech synthesis system that does not require fixed libraries of phonemes for any particular language. In combination with AiHear and AiSee it can learn to pronounce languages by exposure without programming.

AiGrasp™ - learned autonomous environmental manipulation

AiGrasp™ utilizes the learning and goal seeking capabilities inherent within a FrANN™ system to manipulate a physical environment via robotic hand / arms.

AiRun™ - learned autonomous movement

AiRun™ utilizes various physical modes to reposition a cognitive computing system, manipulator, or sensor. This can be a walking / rolling / flying vehicle that contains other AiTEK™ modules. It's the movement platform for a robot.

AiRobot™ - autonomous robotic systems

AiRobot™ is a natural step involving combining all the subordinate AiTEK™ components into a single general purpose autonomous robot.

AiSurf™ - autonomous web data mining

AiSurf™ is a 'no physical body' robot that has natural language data-mining capabilities designed to read text, watch video, listen to audio, and mine that data for obvious and non-obvious relationships. It combines the basic correlation functions of a FrANN™ with the AiSee™ and AiHear™ functions to mine data for significant correlations, where ‘significant’ is defined by the context of its environment.